Identify Tax Opportunities

Identify Tax Opportunities

Tax law changes constantly. Our firm can assist clients identify tax deductions or tax credit opportunities that may have been overlooked. Call us now or request a consultation online to get started and we will guide you through the process.

  • Employee retention tax credit
  • Research and development tax credit
  • Energy efficient commercial building deduction (Sec. 179D)
  • Clean commercial vehicle tax credit (Sec. 45W)
  • Business use of home (Sec. 280A(g))

Tax Risk Assessment

The best strategy to avoid the disruption and cost from a tax audit is to assess your risk and prepare as early as possible. Our firm can review your past filed tax returns or current unfiled tax returns prepared by your existing tax return preparer to identify risk areas and provide a strategy to mitigate problem positions. To gain greater certainty for a tax position taken on a return, we can assist in:

  • Preparing a tax opinion letter
  • Preparing a request for a private letter ruling from the IRS
  • Securing tax insurance for a position taken on a return