Back Taxes - Filing Delinquent Tax Returns

Help with Back Taxes

Failing to file your personal or business taxes on time can happen for many reasons. You might not have the money to pay so you avoided the issue. You could be busy dealing with serious health concerns and are too sick to think about it. Or, you could have neglected this responsibility for any number of other reasons, but now want to set matters straight. However, if you owe taxes for multiple years and the IRS has taken aggressive action against you, resolving the problem may feel like a mountain to climb. Kim & Rosado LLP can help.

Tax Preparation - The First Step to Tax Relief

Preparing and filing back taxes are part of the tax resolution services that Kim & Rosado LLP offers. This is the first step in resolving tax issues.

If you owe taxes, penalties, and interest and are overwhelmed with the idea of locating lost paperwork, Kim & Rosado LLP will be there to provide the personal attention and assistance you need to file your delinquent tax returns and get a fresh start with the IRS. We'll show you how to track down your missing Forms W-2 and 1099, mortgage and bank interest statements, and any other financial documentation required to prepare your back taxes.

Call us now or request a consultation online to get started and we will guide you through the process.

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