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Serious tax problems call for the skills of seasoned tax attorneys like Kim & Rosado LLP. As former attorneys for the IRS, we know precisely what to do to get a fair resolution for your tax problems. We represent individuals, businesses, and organizations in all phases of federal tax controversies. From representation for IRS investigations and tax litigation services to releasing levies, setting up installment agreements, and making offers in compromise, we have the experience you need to help satisfactorily resolve your tax issues.

When taxpayers try to deal with the IRS on their own, the results are stressful and unnecessarily costly. Kim & Rosado LLP will negotiate directly with the IRS on your behalf to set up an affordable payment plan or take advantage of a suitable tax relief program. Don't wait any longer! Get started now by calling Kim & Rosado LLP at 408-290-0280 or request your consultation online

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Kim & Rosado LLP will guide you through the process to resolve your tax issues and get the fresh start you need.

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